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~May 2013~
May 22   
Titanic Anniversary Sale, Upcoming courses, Upcoming events, Ways to Protect the Environment

~January 2013~
January 23   
Ice diving, enriched air, specials, courses and more...

~November 2012~
November 29   
Fantastic holiday gift ideas with a little gift for yourself as well!

~October 2012~
October 13   
GoPro Night - Oct 16 : Learn what comes next with your PADI adventure, Divescapes 2012, Pumpkin Carving, Divemaster Course Orientation, Medications and Diving.

~August 2012~
August 11   
2012 Enhancement email, upcoming courses, and dehydration and diving

~July 2012~
July 10   
Information about our Enhancement Weekend, Upcoming courses, Pumpkin Carving and Flying after Diving

~June 2012~
June 6   
We will be having a Go Pro Night on June 18th: 6pm at Aqua Sport. Find out what it's like to live your dream and dive every day!

~May 2012~
May 24   
Anniversary Sale deal! Don't miss out on May 26th!

May 17   
Anniversary Sale, Open Water Classes, Continuing Education Classes, Exercise and Diving

~March 2012~
March 9   
Carbon Monoxide, Sunscreen and the Reef, Scuba at the Talisman, Tech Nights, River Clean-Up

~December 2011~
December 11   
The Divers Wish List including specially priced packages just in time for Christmas.

~November 2011~
November 16   
Find out about our one day only - Experienced Equipment SALE on Nov 26th, eLearning, an opportunity to have your photos/videos featured on the Aqua Sport website, a reminder about servicing gear and a "stay tuned" for our Christmas Wish List email.

~October 2011~
October 28   
ONE DAY SALE - October 1st. Check out the email for only a small portion of the sale items. Pumpkin Carving October 23rd. Sign up now!

~August 2011~
August 31   
Cliffs Cleanup, Pumpkin Carving, Sharkwater Screening, September Specialties

~July 2011~
July 13   
Porpoise Bay trip, Enhancement Weekend, Pinnacle Drysuit and Underwear sale.

~April 2011~
April 10   
Find out all about our Rescue Weekend, The Bow River Cleanup, Scuba Week, our Hornby Island trip, and the Anniversary Sale.

~February 2011~
February 1   
Ice diving, upcoming events, and courses

~December 2010~
December 25   
Boxing Week Sale Starts Dec 27th. See the email for all sorts of savings.

~November 2010~
November 4   
Henderson Wetsuits on sale 50-70% off

~October 2010~
October 18   
Reminder to everyone to get their Pumpkin Carving tickets ASAP

~September 2010~
September 28   
Information about a Crazy Cleaning Sale on October 2nd, and the Pumpkin Carving Contest on Oct 24th.

~July 2010~
July 28   
Information about the Enhancement Weekend August 7th and 8th. Information about a special on DUI drysuits ending the end of July.

~May 2010~
May 26   
Aqua Sport's Anniversary Sale on May 29th and the Stroll for Liver on June 5th

~April 2010~
April 22   
The Alberta open water dive season is now open! Check out some of our great deals, upcoming events, and courses. Not to mention, a talk we have coming up and a limited time offer for a great deal on DUI ZipSeals.

~January 2010~
January 11   
Porpoise Bay Wreck diving - Feb 12, 13, 14, & 15

January 11   
All about ice diving in 2010. Sign up quickly... it's coming up fast!

~December 2009~
December 20   
A great big thank you to all of you that made donations to our adopted family. There was even enough to donate to Avenue 15 a shelter for teens.

December 8   
MOONLIGHT MADNESS - December 10th at Aquasport. Info about the weekly specials, the Christmas party on December 11th.

December 3   
CHRISTMAS PARTY details! Enjoy some Christmas spirits and help our adopted family!

~November 2009~
November 16   
Upcoming courses... equipment, freediving, wreck diving.

~October 2009~
October 12   
An email with some of the courses coming up in October and November

October 12   
Email regarding the rules of the annual pumpkin carving contest at Two Jack Lake October 25. Get tickets at Aquasport.

October 12   
Information about Divescapes 2009. Links to tickets etc. The conference brings together divers & underwater sport enthusiasts with dive retailers, travel agents, tourism bureaus, resort and charter operators in Western Canada’s largest Scuba Conference & Exhibition. Tons of prizes for Gold and Silver ticket holders.

~September 2009~
September 15   
WANTED DIVERS FOR THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 17th to dive Rendezvous Lodge in beautiful British Columbia. 2 spots have become available!! CALL the shop NOW!! 403-686-6166

September 12   
Banff Underwater Cleanup Sept 13th and Divescapes talk Sept 15th(FREE PIZZA, WINGS AND POP!)

~July 2009~
July 4   
Stampede in for Savings and July Specials. Find out about a camping/diving trip to Waterton July 11 & 12 and a Rendezvous Lodge Dive Trip - Sept 18, 19, 20th. Sign up now for classes! They're filling up fast.

~May 2009~
May 28   
Information on Aqua Sport's May anniversary specials and how to get free Nitrox tank wraps.

~March 2009~
March 20   
March Specials - Free drysuit underwear from BARE - Halcyon Eclipse Specials